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The Definitive Voice of, and Advocate for, Florida Securities Firms and Investment Advisors for More Than 80 Years.


Executive Committee
President – Alex Sarafoglu
Vice President – Kacy Donlon
Treasurer – Dan Newman
Secretary – Eric Siber
President ex-Officio –  Alex Sabo

Nominating Committee
Andy Hirsch, Chair
Executive Committee Members

Membership Committee
Louis Dempsey, Chair
​Ken Cerruto
Bart McDonald
Jodi Perry
Alex Sarafoglu
​Mike Underwood

Financial Affairs Oversight Committee
Ken Cerruto, Chair
Executive Committee Members

Ad-hoc Committees

Legislative Committee
Daniel Newman, Chair
​Melissa Acayan
Patricia Cowart
Kacy Donlon
​Robert Harvey
Peter King
​Nancy Lancia
Erin Linehan
John Peacock
Bill Reilly
Kevin Rosen
Alex Sabo
Alex Sarafoglu
Ron Shindler
Alan Smith
Mike Underwood

Education Committee
Neil Baritz, Chair

Subcommittee-Elder Fraud
Erin Linehan, Chair
Kathy Conway-Yaffe
​Louis Dempsey
Kacy Donlon
Steve Greenbaum
Mike Levin
Dan Newman
Leo Peraza
John Peacock
Alex Sabo
Kyle Witschen

Subcommittee-Industry Outreach
Kathy Conway-Yaffe, Chair
George Barbar
Paul Costello
Trish Cowart
Louis Dempsey
Steve Greenbaum
​Michael Gross
Nancy Lancia
Mike Levin
Erin Linehan
Bill Reilly
Josef Rosen
Kevin Rowe
Alex Sabo
Eric Siber

Subcommittee-Teen/Youth Financial Literacy
Kevin Rosen, Chair
Ben Biard
Bart McDonald
​Jodi Perry
Teresa Rooney
Carol Zitzelberger

Marketing Committee
Steve Greenbaum, Chair
​Mitch Atkins
Paul Costello
​​Mike Levin
​Kevin Rosen​

Scholarship Committee
Laura Hawley, Chair
​​Deena Bryan
Kacy Donlon
Eric Siber

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