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Jennifer Stout, CEO of Bates Group, embodies the core "Bates Values" that:  all client needs are embraced as our own; all challenges can be addressed; and we can innovate and compete while treating others and our team with dignity and respect. Born and raised in Oregon, Jennifer began her career as a CPA at Arthur Andersen (a Big Five accounting firm) before joining Bates, where over the last 20 years she has grown from an entry-level financial analyst into the leader of the Company. She builds on her detailed understanding of all facets of Bates Group’s strengths by working tirelessly to expand the boundaries of our "End-to-End" solutions and services benefiting clients throughout the life cycle of their legal, regulatory and compliance matters.

As the key driver of Bates' growth, Jennifer works to ensure that Bates' clients nationally and internationally are receiving exceptional support. Her commitment to building a world-class company is embraced by countless clients and the entire Bates team.  Jennifer encourages and drives Bates and its clients to stay one step ahead of the curve by identifying and resolving issues before they even present themselves and making sure that we have the staff, resources, and expertise to provide solutions.  Her caring approach to each client enables us to build long-term, substantial relationships with everyone we serve.

Jennifer is an avid reader and traveler, and she most enjoys spending time with her three children and pets and laughing with friends and colleagues.

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